“Smash & Splash” Experience Voucher


  • A wonderful treat for their first birthday.
  • Starts with a portrait session.
  • Cake Smash includes cake, balloons, props etc.
  • We end with photos as they enjoy a soak in an old-time tin bath.
  • Loads of fun, and beautiful photos!
  • The photos are a fabulous present for grandparents!
  • Lots of options on display, such as albums/pictures/digital files.

Okay...so it's an Americanism, but we Brits have certainly taken to Cake Smashes with bags of enthusiasm since they arrived on these shores!

What's the idea?

Bring your little one along to our studio around the time of their first birthday, ideally a couple of weeks before if possible. We’ll start by taking some beautiful portraits of them playing in different outfits, with various props, colours an backgrounds. We’ve got lots, but bring you’re their favourites as well to personalise the session.

Then, we’ll move onto the main event! We'll provide a big, messy, iced cake, clothes, balloons, props and the 'set' for them to get stuck into their first birthday cake!

Whilst they enjoy it, we'll photograph all the fun.

There'll be laughs and smiles, a lot of mess - and all the eating habits you've taught them in the last year will be immediately forgotten! Some kids tear into it, others are a bit more restrained, but it always ends up with laughs and a well-covered model!

It makes for wonderful, colourful, lively photos. At one-year old, your little ones personality is really developed and the interaction and excitement really comes through, making photos which are full of life.

However, we're not finished yet... We aim to give you back a baby in the same condition you brought them to us – ie, clean!  So after the 'Smash' comes the 'Splash.' We'll create a new set with a much calmer, 'nightime' vibe and plonk them into a warm, soapy tin bath with ducks and toys to play with as they get cleaned up. These photos are dramatically lit and have a totally different feel to them which parents love nearly as much as the littlun’s enjoy the bath!

We’ll edit the selected images, with vibrant colours and dramatic ‘black and whites’ to choose from. Then we’ll arrange for you to come back to the studio to choose your images, displayed on our big screen TV. Bring grandparents if you wish! You can then choose a package, prints or products from our priceless here www.level11.co.uk/pp - but we promise we’re completely open with our pricing and have a ‘no hard sell!’ policy. We can even arrange a payment plan to help you get the photographs you want.

It's a great present for a friend, or it could be just what the grandparents wanted for their birthdays!