My Pregnancy Journey

My Pregnancy Journey is probably the most exclusive product we offer here at Level 11. It makes for the most wonderful gift from a doting partner, your loving family, or even a group of friends or colleagues. What you’re left with is the memory of an unforgettable experience and a stunning, framed piece of wall art which celebrates your journey from bump to baby.

Simply put, we photograph you each month during your pregnancy, and create a stunning compilation image, mounted and framed into a beautiful frame.  

The idea came about when we were asked by Emma’s friend to document her as the bump grew from nothing to… well, quite a decent bump!

So we did – and each month, she came along for a quick, 15 minute session with the same lighting setup, but subtly varied poses. The compilation of images grew, month-by-month and visit-by-visit!

The final image, of her holding her newborn infant was taken at her newborn session, and there – we had our story!

So now, ‘My Pregnancy Journey’ is available to you as well.

The process is really simple. Ideally we’ll book your first session really early on in your pregnancy, when there’s little, or no, bump. Then, each month, you’ll come back for another session and we’re looking for one amazing image from the 15-20 minute session.   We aim to complete 7 sessions, more or less, and the final image, with you holding  your newest addition (or additions!) ends (or possibly begins!) the story.

The price of £1295 includes up to 7 studio sessions, image selection, editing and design and the framed compilation wall-art, together with a digital copy. Also included is a full one-hour maternity session when you get to 37 weeks or so, with 3 digital files. Finally, we include a full newborn session worth £79 as well.

  • Up-to 7 monthly sessions.
  • Digitally created and retouched black and white image showing your journey.
  • 34″ (approx) panoramic wall art of your choice using your journey images.
  • Digital file of finished image.
  • Full Maternity Session with 3 digital files included.
  • Full Newborn Session included.

Cost including,

~7 sessions,

Custom Wall Art.

Digital Image.

Maternity Session & 3 digital files.

Full Newborn Session Fee



When should I book in with you?

The simple answer is  – as soon as possible!

After your partner, and your mum, we want to be the next phone call! Ideally, your first session will have little or no bump showing, which means that as the sessions progress, the bump dramatically changes.

Of course, we can start a bit later on, but for the most powerful piece of wall-art, we want to get started really early on in the pregnancy.

Im already quite far along can we still do something?

Of course! Whilst it’s desirable to start the story with little or no bump, we can start a little later on. This may mean less than 7 shoots, but nonetheless, the final image will still be spectacular! Just call us for a chat, and we’ll advise.

What happens it I have to cancel mid way through?

That you may have to cancel the package before it’s completed is of course, a horrible possibility, but an issue we must clearly address before you commit. Our policy is that we’ll retain £300 for administration and the cost of any sessions which we’ve provided at a nominal £75 each. We will refund the rest of your payment within 28 days of cancellation. In any event please talk to us, and we will endeavour to do our best to come to an equitable solution in full knowledge of what a difficult time it is for you.

The package is non-refundable, but as a gesture of goodwill, if you simply decide to cancel the package for any other reason, we will calculate the refund as above and credit it against future sessions or purchases.


Do I pay a deposit?

We can arrange for you to pay over 4 months, interest free. We ask for a £500 deposit, and then three monthly payments of £265.

Do I get to choose the images for the wall art?

Unlike other sessions, we’re shooting for a finished product, so it’s crucial that the images work together as a set. Therefore, we make the selection of the best image from each session, choosing the most powerful and cohesive to build the composite image.

Your package also includes a full maternity session, with 3 digital files included, and you can choose them from a gallery of 15-20 images from your session.

The Newborn Session does not include any ‘product’ as such, and you’ll make your selection from our packages when you come back for your viewing session. You can see pricing information HERE

I just want the digital. Can I just have that?

The package is structured around producing a wonderful piece of wall art. You do indeed receive a digital copy as well, which you can share on Social media, or make further prints from. However, the wall art itself is included and a ‘digital only’ option is not available.


Can my partner be in them?

Your partner, and other children can join you for some photographs in both the maternity, and newborn session. However, they are not included in the ‘My Pregnancy Story’ sessions or compilation.

Can I purchase other additional images from the sessions?

No. Each session is about producing one superb image for inclusion in your composite image. We do not edit or prepare other images from the session.

Of course, you have a full range of images  to choose from both your maternity and newborn sessions.


If you would like to go ahead and book Your Pregnancy Story, drop us aline, or give us a call – we’ll get you booked in and arrange all of the details.

For anyone who is thinking of having pictures taken for a specific event/milestone or just for some nice shots Level Eleven is definitely the place to go.
After I found out I was pregnant I decided to speak with Russ and Emma to see if we could get some maternity pictures together. They made me feel so at ease and we’re so professional. The pictures they managed to create were absolutely beautiful and I just had to have a newborn shoot done too.

My baby was only 10 days old and the whole experience was just so lovely!! The pictures were SO beautiful!
They were so gentle and patient during the whole thing I cannot fault one bit!
I just want to say a massive thank you to the both of you for creating such lovely memories for my family and I. Xxx

DAN - MARCH 2021

Not only are Emma and Russ incredibly welcoming and lovely people, but they made us feel so comfortable. Their work is amazing!! Couldn’t be happier with our photos of our newborn Henry. Would definitely recommend. 5 stars!