Getting the most from your portrait session – Things to consider! 

Aug 12, 2016 | Portraits, Studio News, Uncategorized

What will you do with the photographs? 

Our studio has lots of different background colours, props and lightng options, and we’ll discuss with you what you want from the final images – so that we’re capturing your photos in a style you want. Give it some thought – is there a particular wall you want to ‘fill’ with a big framed print? Or would you like an album of 10 or 20 photographs of your kids? Digital files to send to the family in Australia? It really pays to have a clear idea of why you’re coming along and what you’ll do with the photographs from your session. You can even snap a picture of the wall you want to put a framed print on, this allows us to stylize the image, and also show you a mock-up of how it will look. 


When it comes to clothing and styling, what you wear will really set the tone and feel for your portrait session. 

Are you going for a modern/contemporary look in your photographs? Or more classical? Casual or formal? Do you have a favourite dress, outfit, uniform or kit 

Two crucial bits of advice! 

First off, plain patterns are generally a good idea. Spots and stripes or heavily patterned clothes can be very distracting, are best avoided and honestly don’t work well in photographs.   That’s not to say that branded, personal and relevant clothes cannot be used successfully, but do bring along plain alternatives as well. Try to keep tones the same on your top and bottom. 

Secondly, if you’re coming for a family session, or where there will be more than two of you in the photographs, it’s important you co-ordinate your look, colours and style. This isn’t to say everybody (for instance) has to match their clothes or wear a single colour (which can look a bit contrived,) but tones need to be the same. For instance, compare the two images below, and you’ll see what we mean. The yellow jumper really jumps out and is a huge distraction as it’s so different to everybody elses tone and colour.  When re-coloured, the whole image is improved dramatically. 

Our studio has a changing room, and you’re more than welcome to bring some different clothes for different looks and combinations. It’ll really help create a variety of interesting images. 





Props open up a huge number of opportunties! They can change the whole look and feel of the images. Hats, coats, sunglasses, gloves are all good. Things which are special to you can be incorporated into the shoot, so think about hobbies and interestshave you got a ‘toy’ you can bring (Motorbike? Kiteboarding gear? Sports kit? Golf? Yachting Gear? Collectables?)  

Oh, and pets qualify as people and props so bring the dog! 

Kids & Hobbies 

We do offer kid’s hobby sessions as a separate shoot but we can incorporate their hobbies and interests into your family session as well. From skateboards to boxing gear, from dance outfits to motocross bikes, Playstations and guide uniforms – whatever your kid’s interests are, we can get some superb images if you bring their gear and equipment – plus kids love it and you’ll find the whole experience more fun and a lot easier if you indulge them! 

Talking of which – if you have younger kids, plan the session time around snaps and feeds! 

Grooming, Make-up etc 

Ladies we’d always recommend some natural looking make-up. The camera loves it – so you will too! There’s no need to go heavy, but some defintion in the eyes, and smooth/reduce shine on your skin – it really helps. Spend a bit of time on your hair as well, keep it natural but we sometimes hear regrets from ladies who didn’t do their hair the way they wanted.  

Gents – Get a hair cut a week out from the session and have a shave on the day (or at least ‘style your stubble!’) and brush your hair. Other than that, you know you already look gorgeous! ???? 

Get yourself ready in plenty of time, don’t leave ittil the last minute or you’ll arrive flushed and stressed, which doesn’t always lead to great photos!  


Let us know if you’re bringing any pets. As we mentioned earlier – your pets are part of the family so don’t feel they need to be left out. Brush the dog, bring some treats and toys and give them a walk to settle them down and let them do the necessary before you get here!  


Every shoot is different! We don’t do ‘cookie-cutter’ photography. We want to tell your story, and make the experience fun – and we want your photographs to be unique and relevant to you so that every time you look at them, they make you smile. The more you ‘invest’ into planning your session, the more you’ll get from it so if you have any questions, or need any advice don’t hesitate to ask!