Why Level 11 Photography’s ‘My Pregnancy Journey’ is the Must-Have Maternity Photography Experience

Sep 26, 2023 | Maternity, Maternity, Portraits, Products, Studio News, Uncategorized

Pregnancy is a transformative chapter in any woman’s life. It’s a period of immense joy, anticipation, and, of course, change. While there are many ways to document this special time, Level 11 Photography’s “My Pregnancy Journey” offers an unparalleled maternity photography experience that you won’t want to miss.

Why Choose ‘My Pregnancy Journey’ for Your Maternity Photography

Unlike traditional maternity photography sessions that capture only a single stage of your pregnancy, “My Pregnancy Journey” is a comprehensive package designed to document your entire pregnancy journey. From the early days of your growing bump to the magical moment when you hold your newborn, this exclusive package captures it all.

The Process: More Than Just Maternity Photos

The process begins early in your pregnancy when there’s little or no bump. You’ll return each month for a quick, 15-20 minute session. The goal is to complete around seven sessions, culminating in a final image of you holding your newest family member. These images are then artistically compiled into a stunning piece of framed wall art that narrates your unique pregnancy journey.

What’s Included in This Maternity Photography Package

For a one-time fee of £1295, you’ll receive up to seven studio sessions, professional image selection, editing, and design. The package also includes a 34-inch panoramic wall art piece and a digital copy of the final image. As a bonus, you’ll get a full one-hour maternity session with three digital files and a newborn session worth £79.

Flexible Payment Plans for Your Maternity Photography

Understanding the financial commitments that come with a new baby, Level 11 Photography offers an interest-free payment plan. A £500 deposit secures your spot, followed by three monthly payments of £265.

Five Reasons You Can’t Miss This Maternity Photography Opportunity

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: Unlike other maternity photography options, “My Pregnancy Journey” captures your entire pregnancy, offering a complete keepsake.
  2. Personalised Storytelling: Each session is uniquely tailored to you, ensuring the final compilation tells your individual story.
  3. High-Quality Keepsake: You’ll receive a physical piece of art to display in your home, not just a digital file.
  4. Affordable Luxury: Our interest-free payment plans make this exclusive experience accessible.
  5. Added Value: The package includes additional sessions and digital files, offering unparalleled value for your investment.

Book Your ‘My Pregnancy Journey’ Session Today

Slots for this exclusive maternity photography package are limited and fill up quickly. Don’t miss the opportunity to document this irreplaceable chapter in your life in the most beautiful and comprehensive way possible.

For more information and to secure your booking, visit Level 11 Photography’s My Pregnancy Journey page.